At Mid-Columbia Lumber, we are focused on one thing: Bringing you the Nation’s best Finger-Jointed materials for all your building needs. We produce finger jointed Engineered Lumber Products, including Finger-Jointed Long-Lumber, Engineered Ceiling and Floor Joists, Studs and Fascia.  We are constantly working with our customers to develop new products like decking and long truss cord products. We employ cutting-edge processes which result in high-quality products with minimal waste. Our raw materials are sustainably harvested by our suppliers in the Pacific Northwest. Start with MCL Finger-Jointed products, and you’re not just building a better project, you’re building a better future.

Our vision is to be the most technically advanced, premier Finger-Jointed engineered wood products manufacturer in the nation. MCL is committed to excellence in the manufacturing of Finger-Jointed building materials.  Excellence is providing a consistently superior product specific to quality, strength, reliability and just-in-time. As we do this we serve the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and our community.

At MCL we innovate and design to produce our finger joints better than the book. Our Finger-Jointed lumber  uses specifically designed finger length and profiles for maximum gluing surface and stronger joints.

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    Mid-Columbia Lumber provides extensive process controls and machine settings to ensure customer satisfaction. All our products are pull tested hourly to ensure quality joint bonds that meet or exceed industry design standards. Each area of our plants is monitored by our QC department for improvements, driving value for customers.

    All products produced by Mid-Columbia Lumber are produced from sustainably harvested materials. Our unique processes make construction-ready products out of wood that might otherwise be headed for a chipper or waste yard. Virtually 100% of all of MCL raw material purchased is utilized in-house or reprocessed for use as raw material for other industries. We take great pride in knowing that we produce less waste than any of our competitors.