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Technical Info

For builders and code officials, the use of structurally finger-jointed lumber is accepted for building design in the United States.  Section 2303.1.1.2 of the 2015 International Building Code (IBC) states the following:

 “Approved end-jointed lumber is permitted to be used interchangeably with solid-sawn members of the same species and grade.”

Furthermore, sections 2306.1 and 2307.1 of the 2015 International Building Code reference the National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS), published by the American Forest & Paper Association, for the structural analysis and design of wood-based structures.   Section 4.1.6 of the 2015 NDS states the following:

“Reference design values for sawn lumber are applicable to structural end-jointed or edge-glued lumber of the same species and grade. Such use shall include, but not be limited to light framing, studs, joists, planks, and decking. When finger jointed lumber is marked “STUD USE ONLY” or “VERTICAL USE ONLY” such lumber shall be limited to use where any bending or tension stresses are of short duration.”

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Technical Data Sheets

Finger-Jointed Lumber Facts

Heat Resistant Adhesive Facts

WWPA Span Tables

WWPA Product Use Manual

Glued Products  QC Procedures 101.15



Product Bulletin

Cascomel 4720 Wonderbond 5025A Radio Frequency

AG-5635Q with LQ-100

Safety Data Sheets

AG5635Q Safety Sheet

5025A- Safety Sheet

LQ100 Safety Sheet

4720 Safety Sheet

LARR Certification

LARR No. RR26148 Cert
All of the MCL Finger Jointed product line from Studs and Decking to Framing Lumber, Joists and Fascia have been approved by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Building And Safety, and have received an Los Angeles Research Report No. of LARR 26148