MCL SUSTAINABLE building Materials 

As the nation’s largest Finger-Jointed engineered wood products manufacturer, MCL leads the industry in Finger-Jointed building materials in nearly every category. With a carbon footprint that’s 75% less than that of concrete or steel, it’s  little wonder that wood ranks #1 in framing for Leed-Certified builders.

At Mid-Columbia Lumber, we are committed to producing the building materials of the future. With cutting edge processes, we produce Finger-Jointed engineered wood products into FJ building materials that are stronger, straighter, lighter, more precise and cost-effective than competitive materials.

Near-Zero Waste

Our unique processes make construction-ready products out of wood that might otherwise be headed for a chipper or waste yard. Virtually 100% of all of MCL raw material purchased is utilized in-house or reprocessed for use as raw material for other industries. We take great pride in knowing that we produce less waste than any of our competitors.

Renewable Resources

Responsible forestry is at the core of the suppliers we work with.  Our suppliers strive diligently to plant trees, cultivate and preserve wildlife habitats, work to protect critical watersheds and actively improve air quality giving MCL the ability to produce a product with a minimal carbon footprint.


Smarter Use of Resources

Products produced by Mid-Columbia Lumber are environmentally friendly.

  • Wood is a renewable, recyclable, durable and completely biodegradable resource.
  • MCL’s Finger-Joint long length production enhances nature’s work by the simple fact it reduces the amount of harvesting of our tallest, oldest trees.
  • Energy used to produce our framing lumber products is more cost effective than that needed to produce alternative products.