Every board Quality Controled

Quality Assurance

At MCL we recognize the demand for wood products in construction and the need for wise use of our renewable resource – wood.  To make structural Finger-Jointed lumber, shorter sections of lumber are end-jointed into longer, building code approved lumber sections resulting in more useable lumber recovered from each log.


Quality Control Break-test Video

Break Testing

Mid-Columbia Lumber provides extensive process controls to ensure customer satisfaction. We tension test throughout the day to a minimum 2.1 times the design values. See our Quality Assurance Break-Test Video for more info.


Our innovative joint construction is designed to produce THE BEST joint in the industry. We have redesigned the finger length, profile, pressures and glue spread to give MCL our strongest joint construction on record. 

Through our continued innovation MCL has developed and patented our MCL2J line of Finger Jointed Floor and Ceiling Joists in widths of 2x10 and 2x12, under U.S. Patent No. 10,041,251. This innovative product is 100% interchangeable with equivalent solid sawn lumber but can be manufactured in lengths up to 60’ feet giving the framer the ability to cover multiple spans with a single joist. (WWPA Span Tables)

High Standards

Here at MCL we have chosen to partner with Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP). TP is an independent testing/inspection agency that oversees the quality of solid-sawn lumber in addition to the production of finger jointed lumber.  In addition to traditional lumber grading practices, finger jointed lumber is subject to stringent quality control requirements assuring strong, reliable joints.  MCL samples production on all lines routinely to test for bond strength and adhesive durability of the joints.