MCL Products

Longer, Stronger, Straighter

Mid-Columbia Lumber manufactures Finger-Jointed (FJ) Engineered patented MCL Floor joists, MCL FJ Ceiling Joists, MCL FJ Longs (2×4 – 2×12 up to 60’ in length), MCL FJ Studs (2×4 & 2×6 PET 8’, 9’,10’, 11′,12′ or longer) and MCL FJ Facia (2×4 – 2×12 up to 60’ in length). We consistently supply the market with superior products of the highest quality, reliability and just-in-time delivery. MCL serves the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and our community.

ENGINEERED Long-Length Lumber

Mid-Columbia’s Long-Length engineered finger-jointed products have gained wide acceptance in the building and construction industry as the product of choice. Our engineered Finger-Jointed products match exactly to design values of solid sawn dimensional lumberWe take pride in the fact that we produce products in lengths up to 60 feet, longer than anyone else in the industry.

ENGINEERED finger-jointed

ceiling JOISTS

Lightweight and Strong, our engineered ceiling joists meet and exceed demanding performance standards. They provide outstanding strength while maintaining incredible efficiency.

ENGINEERED finger-jointed

floor JOISTS

Lightweight and Strong our patented engineered floor joists meet and exceed demanding performance standards. They provide outstanding load capacity while maintaining incredible efficiency.


MCL engineered Finger-Jointed studs are perfect for structural framing, especially in residential and or industrial applications. Our precise milling processes produce the best Finger-Jointed studs industry-wide. As with all our Finger-Jointed engineered products they are produced to very tight specifications. The end product is straight and true and comes in PET lengths up to 32’ feet.


Our fascia board is engineered and produced to very tight specification. The end product is straight and true, and resistant to warping or twisting. They are available up to 60’ foot in length, eliminating the need for joints or splices and ensuring an outcome nothing short of beautiful.