Mid-Columbia Lumber


At Mid-Columbia Lumber, we are committed to producing the highest quality Finger-Jointed building materials. With cutting edge processes, we turn sustainably harvested raw materials into Finger-Jointed building materials that are stronger, straighter, lighter, more precise and more cost-effective than competitive materials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most innovative, premier Finger-Jointed engineered building material manufacturer in the nation.  Mid-Columbia Lumber is committed to excellence in the manufacturing of Finger-Jointed engineered wood products. Excellence is providing a consistently superior product specific to quality, strength, reliability and just-in-time. As we do this we serve the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers, and community.

Our Values

We believe in integrity, in quality, in teamwork, sustainability and in fairness. Those values drive us to work every day to push industry specifications and set new standards knowing every day we spend in the pursuit of perfection we’re better serving the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and community.

 Value and Service

Product Value – Our mission and company values require MLC to provide the highest product value in the marketplace for our customers’ needs.

Service – In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, we are positioned with access to extensive raw material resources. We’re able to minimize freight and delivery times with both UP and BN rail, as well as truck and van loading on site.



    Our People

    Our ability to produce industry-leading Finger-Jointed products relies on the time and care we invest in both our customers and our people. MCL cannot exist without either. We are committed to constant improvement. We believe our exceptional customer service and products are driven by investing in our employees and work environment.