Quality, Sustainable, finger-jointed lumber products

At Mid-Columbia Lumber, we are committed to producing the highest quality Finger-Jointed building materials in the nation. With cutting edge processes, we turn sustainably harvested materials into our engineered Finger-Jointed products that are stronger, straighter, lighter, more precise and more cost-effective than alternative materials.

We produce Finger-Jointed products with unsurpassed structural integrity and predictable precision so todays builders can efficiently build structures that will pass the test of time. Our line of engineered Finger-Jointed products includes Engineered Long-Lumber, Ceiling and Floor Joists, Studs and Fascia available in custom sizes to suit your construction needs.

Straighter and stronger than solid-sawn lumber, our Finger-Jointed lumber is produced to exacting standards, rigorously-tested and repeatedly proven. Our heat and weather resistant adhesives produce a bond stronger than the wood fiber itself, allowing the construction of custom Finger-Jointed products up to 60 feet long.

We are grateful to have cultivated the trust of our customers and we understand the responsibility that comes with it. We are committed to building a better future by constantly improving our operations through our people and innovative technologies. Our commitment to quality and precision means fewer callbacks, more efficient freight and projects done on time. Better buildings, built faster and with less waste.


Long length Finger-Jointed Lumber