A cost-effective alternative with high performance characteristics.

2x12 Hem/Fir

  • Western Hemlock is a characteristic tree of the Pacific Northwest region, with a distribution that follows the coastline.
  • Western Hemlock grows abundantly in the Pacific Northwest in both pure stands or among other native hardwoods and softwoods. A plentiful species, over 3 billion board feet are harvested annually.
  • Mid-Columbia utilizes Hem/Fir as it has bending strength and load-carrying properties much higher than SPF and is lighter in weight. The Hem/Fir we use is fresh from sawmills, harvested from the typical Northwest healthy sustainable forests.

2x6 Hem/Fir

  • 4″ Hem/Fir Studs
  • 6″ Hem/Fir Studs
  • 6″ Hem/Fir Long Length
  • 8″ Hem/Fir Long Length
  • 10″ Hem/Fir Long Length
  • 12″ Hem/Fir Long Length