At Mid-Columbia Lumber, we are committed to excellence in the manufacturing of sustainably harvested and produced engineered wood products. Excellence means providing a consistently superior product of the highest quality, quantity and just-in-time delivery.

Mid-Columbia Lumber manufactures Engineered MCL Floor and Ceiling Joists, MCL Longs (2×4 – 2×12 up to 60’ in length), MCL Studs (2×4 & 2×6 PET 8’, 9’,10’, 11′,12′ or longer). We consistently supply the market with superior products of the highest quality, quantity and just-in-time delivery. MCL serves the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and our community.

Mid-Columbia Engineered Wood Product Benefits

Mid-Columbia Lumber

Finger-jointed products, produced in accordance with certified standards and grade stamped “CERT EXT JNTS,” are intended for all structural applications.

All materials we produce meet the most rigorous industry standards for fire performance. The “HRA” heat resistant adhesive we use provides complete trust and confidence

This lumber is assembled with a waterproof, exterior type adhesive, meeting the requirements of ASTM product standard D2559 and conforming to approved Glued Products Procedures for Mill Certification and Quality Control, C/QC 101. Limitations on knot size and placement near joints are highly restrictive. Testing and quality control procedures are rigorous. 

The exterior-type adhesives for CERT EXT JNTS products are suitable for bonding structural end-jointed and laminated wood products for use in general construction where a high strength, waterproof adhesive bond is required.


The “Value” of Mid-Columbia Engineered Wood Products

  • The glue joints are engineered to be equal to or stronger than design values
  • Design values and load spans meet or exceed national code standards
  • We tension test throughout the day to a minimum 2.1 times the design values.
  • Stays straighter than solid-sawn dimension lumber
  • Builders experience a reduction of overall material need. Designed to lower costs and save time.
  • Consistent and high quality supply.
  • Does not bow or twist. Compatible with all construction methods and intended for all structural applications.
  • All of our MCL products use Certified Exterior Joints/”HRA” Heat Resistant Adhesive.
  • Reduction of fall down on the job site resulting in major job site cost savings.
  • Long lengths up to 60’.

MCL – Corporate Brochure – Rev I, 5.10.17