MCL Longs

MCL Longs

Mid-Columbia’s S4S (Surfaced Four Sides) engineered finger-jointed products have gained wide acceptance in the building and construction industry. Because our structural finger-jointed products are graded using the same rules applied to Mid-Columbia S4S Finger-Jointed Lumbersolid-sawn dimension lumber, the design values for MCL’s engineered finger-jointed products exceed those of national code standards. It is accepted for use under all model building codes and is interchangeable with solid-sawn dimension lumber of the same size, grade, and species, and is grade marked accordingly.


Certified Exterior Joints/”HRA” Heat Resistant Adhesive

Finger-jointed products, produced in accordance with approved standards and grade stamped “CERT EXT JNTS,” are intended for all structural applications.

All materials we produce meet the most rigorous industry standards for fire performance. The “HRA” heat resistant adhesive we use will provide complete trust and confidence that our material will meet fire resistance needs in all markets.

These engineered wood products are assembled with a waterproof, heat resistant, exterior-type adhesive, meeting the requirements of ASTM product standard D2559 and conforming to approved Glued Products Procedures for Mill Certification and Quality Control, C/QC 101. Limitations on knot size and placement near joints are highly restrictive. Testing and quality-control procedures are rigorous.

The exterior-type adhesives for CERT EXT JNTS products are suitable for bonding structural end-jointed and laminated wood products for use in general construction where a high strength, waterproof adhesive bond is required.

Advantages of using Engineered Finger-Jointed Wood Products

Finger Joint

  • The glue joints are engineered to be stronger than the actual wood fiber.
  • Stays straighter than solid-sawn dimensional lumber.
    • Less Crook.
    • Less Bow.
    • Less Twist.
  • All Engineered Wood Products are surfaced dried.
  • Can be used interchangeably with solid-sawn dimensional lumber of similar species and grade.


Mid-Columbia Products are engineered finger-joint lumber products made from Douglas Fir. Upon request, we can produce products with White Fir, Hem/Fir and Spruce/Pine/Fir (SPF).
  • Our material is S4S to precise accuracy with better alignment of edges resulting in minimized offsets and superior appearance.
  • The material is specifically selected for individual customer’s needs in their particular market and application.
  • Finished lengths of up to 60 feet are achieved by finger-jointing shorter pieces together.
  • Available in 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, and 2×12.
  • The process of finger-jointing is to achieve longer lengths delivering superior straightness, stability and consistent performance for demanding applications for industrial framing, including joists, tall walls, trusses, concrete forms, beams, plates, posts, decking etc.
  • Our product has all the advantages and attributes of solid wood – strength, nail holding, stiffness and durability.
  • All material 20’ – 60’ is double end trimmed for accuracy.
  • Precision end trimming available up 20 feet long.
  • All material has certified exterior joints; grade stamped “CERT EXT JNTS” on each end. Lengths 40’ and longer are stamped on both ends and in the middle of each piece. Additional stamps on long lengths can also be applied upon request.
MCL Longs Data Sheet:
MCL Longs -Rev I, 5.10.17