MCL Floor Joist

MCL Floor Joist Benefits

  • Floor Joist 5Superior straightness when compared to solid wood substitutes.
  • Superior stability. Less likely to warp or twist than conventional solid lumber, thus a cost saving for end-users with less material going into shorter pieces.
  • Easy to cut, nail and drill – behaves like solid lumber, with better and stronger dimensional stability.
  • Cost effective alternative to other engineered products such as laminated strand lumber & laminated veneer lumber (LSL, LVL), I-Joists and I-Beams.
  • Light in weight when compared to green lumber, LSL & LVL, making it preferred by builders on the job site (less freight into your location – less freight on outbound deliveries).
  • Paper-wrapped so product arrives and stays bright and clean during storage.
  • Long-term performance.
  • Hourly Tension / Break Tests on Joints.
  • No mold – Homeowners are more reluctant than ever with the potential health risks.

MCL Floor Joist 3


Product Applications

  • Long length roof rafters & floor joists.
  • Tall walls requiring extreme straightness.
  • Headers, columns and posts.
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.



FiremanUnder the 2012 and 2015 International Residential Code, Section 502.14, MCL Joists pass International Building Code burn rate standards for floor joist applications and are permitted to be used for first floor assembly as tests have shown that this type of framing provides more time for evacuation and for fire fighters search and rescue. The mass and the sufficient size of MCL Joists assures that these components can resist the effects of fire and heat for an amount of time providing occupant egress and responder search and rescue.


MCL Floor Joist Data Sheets:


MCL Floor Joists – Rev I, 5.10.17

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