MCL Ceiling Joist

MCL Ceiling Joist Benefits

The glue joints are engineered to be equal to or stronger than design values.
Engineered MCL Joists meet or exceed the 2012 IRC for fire rating.Ceiling Joist 2
Roof Joists 1
Engineered design values and load spans meet or exceed national code standards.
We tension test throughout the day to a minimum 2.1 times the design values.
Stays straighter than solid-sawn dimension lumber.
Engineered product resulting in reduction of overall material need.
Designed to lower costs and save time.
Consistent and high quality supply.
Does not bow or twist. Compatible with all construction methods.
A clean, smooth and straight nailing surface.
All of our Engineered MCL products use HRA (Heat Resistant Adhesive).
Long lengths up to 60’ to accommodate large spans.