MCL Fascia

MCL Fascia Boards are engineered and produced to very tight specifications.  The end product is straight and true, will not warp or twist and comes in lengths up to 60 feet.  Eliminate the need for joints and/or splices, while ensuring you will have a fascia product that will meet your structural and cosmetic needs.
MCL Fascia Boards are available in DF, HF and WRC.  Our product is produced using state of the art engineered wood product technologies to yield a product of the highest quality.  Our product is available primed or non-primed and can be surfaced or left natural.
MCL Fascia Boards can be treated with approved topical or pressure treated fire retardants.  
fascia-iiWhy Choose MCL Fascia Boards:
  • Proven Performance
  • Engineered to tight tolerances and specifications
  • Straight and true with no warp or twist
  • Lengths up to 60 feet
  • Can be treated with approved Fire Retardants
  • Manufactured from 100% renewable resources
  • Interior & exterior trim and fascia boards
  • Window & door trim
  • Bellyband trim
  • Garage door liner
  • Rake/freeze boards
Product Specifications/Profiles
  • Standard Dimensional Lumber
MCL Literature
MCL Fascia – Rev I, 5.10.17